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Frequently asked questions.

What is KiakiaJobs?

The easiest place to get professionals to get your tasks done fast.

We provide the largest collection of skilled professionals from Africa to help you with different tasks including

What cryptocurrencies are supported?

We currently support payments via the KiakiaJob Coin Utility token.

What advantage does paying with KJB give me?

When you pay with the KJB coin, we curently waive our platform fee , saving you about 5% in commission fees.

What blockchain is the KJB coin deployed on?

The KJB coin is currently issued on the Waves blockchain.

What else can i do with my KJB coin?

The KJB coin is currently issued on the Waves blockchain, this means that the coin can easily be traded and exchanged on any exchange who supports it.
KJB is curently being traded on the Waves DEX. You can exchange it for other coins or even for Fiat Money on the Waves DEX today.

How do i Sell on

  • Create a new job for a service you can offer.
  • Share your job using our social bookmarking tools.
  • You will be notified when someone orders your job.
  • After you deliver your work we will credit your account with your earnings.
  • Withdraw your earnings to your KiakiajobsCoin wallet or your bank account, your preference.
  • Spend your money!

How do i get my project done on

  • Find a job that meets your requirements you like and place an order.
  • Pay for your job using your credit card or the KiakiaJobsCoin (KJB- you get a discount) Token.
  • Track the seller's progress, communicate and exchange files.
  • Receive your finished work!
  • You can request fixes from the seller if it is not what you wanted.
  • Provide feedback on the seller and job.